Do not oversize when buying a new AC unit.  Many HVAC contractors will try to sell you oversized equipment, either because they are upselling or because they are not using modern load calculations.  Buying a system bigger than you need is just wasted money.  At Air Tech Services, we do not upsell and we do not push overstock.  We service all makes and models and order the equipment specially for each job.  Customer satisfaction is out main priority.

Energy Efficiency Tip... Did you know adding a humidifier to your heating system lets you turn your thermostat down and be comfortable at a lower temperature? Interested in a price for a new or replacement Air Tech Services, Inc. (847)639-5336...serving Cary and McHenry County for over 26 years

Remember daylight savings starts in March and it is a great day to change all your smoke detector and CO detector batteries. Spring is just around the corner and is a good time to start thinking about having your AC cleaned and checked to have it running at its peak performance and save you on electric costs. Temperatures need to be around 70* to get correct readings on your AC check. Looking forward to those temperatures and seeing our customers!

After a VERY LONG winter, now is the time to start thinking about your air conditioner. You probably haven't used your air conditioner in a number of months. Did it lose refrigerant over the winter? Do you have a worn belt? If your a/c is not running efficiently it will be running more than it needs to run, costing you money. To save on your electric bill and to keep your AC running efficiently, schedule an appointment for a cleaning and to top off your refrigerant. For Spring appointments call Air Tech Services at (847)639-5336 ...local and family owned, servicing Cary for over 25 years

To extend the life of your furnace, do not close off more than 20% of the registers in your house. This can cause high resistance and unnecessary heat build up in your furnace and premature failure. A proper furnace is sized for your whole house, when you block off some of the ducting the furnace is unable to adjust and will retain the heat it was designed to generate. When the weather is extremely cold you want to be able to depend on your furnace. If your furnace breaks down and you need repair...Call: Air Tech at (847)639-5336..serving Cary and McHenry County for over 25 years...a family owned and operated local business

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